Beaver In The Wall

At India’s request we went on a Geocaching adventure. (Not familiar with Geocaching? Neither were we. Learn more here. But basically its like a secret society of treasure hunters. It’s kinda nerdy but it’s cute.) So anyway, we headed out to a local cache site.
India: “Elena you know where we’re going, right?”
Elena: “Not really.”

She got us there anyway, and we followed the Geocache GPS up to a Church on a hill as the sun began to set.
Elena: “India, this is not a path!”
India: “Yes it is a path, look people have already walked here”
Elena: “Anyway it is not a path”

View from the hill

View from the hill

We walked around the church, while an old lady looked at us very strangely, the GPS kept changing its mind. 2 metres away, 7 metres away… it looked as if we had to climb down the wall to get the cache. It was dark, probably time to leave, but we had to try! We climbed down to the wall and started to search crevices in the wall for some cache. Hester walked past a good looking hole, absolutely freaked out and professed that the wall was home to a beaver. “Good one” said everyone. “There are no beavers in Italy.”

It started to seem pretty ridiculous and maybe a little dangerous, four girls on the edge of a hill poking around in the dark so we somewhat reluctantly began to trudge back down the hill. As we past “the beaver” Hester begrudgingly repeated her claim that there was an animal in the wall. Meanwhile Elena was just putting together an important connection.

Elena: “Guys, I think Hester might be right. I read on the site that the cache had a guardian. I think that would be it.”
So we all crept up to the hole and shined the light of Elena’s phone into the darkness. It illuminated the shiny eyes of a rodent looking animal. Cue the shudders.

India: “Yes that’s got to be it! I’m going to poke it with a stick!”
Everyone else: “NO!”
She did so anyway. India grabbed a long stick and poked around, something fell out and we all squealed like silly girls and got panicy. Unperturbed India continued probing. Despite our protests she reached in and grabbed the small beast. Errrrrgh! 

This is what she found:

The Guardian

Nice one Geocache jokers, you sure got us!


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